Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kahani Pehle Sutte Kee

I’m an engg graduate (ram bharose).I don't smoke n drink. Which is actually considered as a cult while doing B.Tech. in fact a religion among the gang. And trust me they worship it a lot. Often 10 times a day. Or may be I’m still understating. Anyways it’s my story. My first cigarette. I’m not contradicting my self; it was probably my last too. So I’ll start from the beginning. I’m very moody (I hope this is the right adjective, at extremes u can even go by psycho). It was 31st March may be 11.00 p.m. I was utterly bored; and literally had nothing to do. Ran out movies too. Nothing on the net. Absolutely, nothing to do. All of sudden got into a pair of jeans n tee n locked my room and sat on the parapet of my terrace. Random thoughts were looming in my head as always. But in my case, introspection never ends on a positive note. I thought I shall grab a coke. So I climbed down the stairs and was on the road. But totally forgot that it was Vellore, and its almost impossible to find anything after 10. So I thought a little walk will do me good. I reached chittoor bus stand in a while, and sat there in front of the juice shop. The silence and the floodlight created an amazing view. Never could have imagined CBS in this way. Just then the silence broke and an auto came up, “CMC??” the auto driver asked. I said,” yes”. I thought may be I could get something there. On the way I discovered that Vellore after all is not as bad a place as I’ve always thought of it. I saw the new bus stand on the way. I thought I should get down here, after all it is a bus station, and I’ll definitely get something. But no I was wrong. Vellore as I say is truly Vel-whore. I was just roaming around there as I saw a bus to Bangalore. Don’t know what clicked in me, I just got a ticket for my self and sat in it. It is around 4 to 5 hours journey from Vellore so I thought I should take a nap. I got up after two hours. The bus has stopped to take a short break and this finally gave me an opportunity to get myself a coke. I was having my drink and then I saw the sutta shop. Don’t know what got into me, I went there and asked for a ‘gold flake’ (that’s my dad’s brand :-)). Today when I think of that day, I still wonder what I was doing. Anyways, so I got my self a cigarette. Now I’ve never lit a cigarette before. So I tried to by the genuine way. I kept the cigarette between my lips and tried light it up with a match stick. Failed in like five attempts. Finally gave up and held the cigarette in one hand and the match stick in another. It was pretty much like I was lighting an agarbatti :-) . It really takes a lot of dedication. Somehow I managed to light up my cigarette. The sutta shop owner acknowledged my achievement with a smile. I was ready for my first puff now. I took it. My mouth was all filled with smoke, but I couldn’t take it in. after four or five puffs, I discovered that whatever I do I just cannot take it in. I had a look at my ciggi, I wasn’t even half done. The thought struck my mind,” how can I let my first cigarette to go waste, I have to finish it.” So I just started smoking in and out without taking it in. In simple words the process can be described as “ooooooohh fuuuuuuuhhhh”. This carried on till I was done with it. I left that bus there and took another bus which was coming back to vellore. Came back to my room and slept for like two days continuously. Trust me I still believe that it was the cigarette effect. So my first cigarette cost me a lot I guess. I took bus, got down at a place, the name of which I still don’t know, bought my first cigarette at 1 a.m. in the night, some where on the Chennai-Bangalore highway equals to INR 174. MRP of the cigarette INR 4. Guess it is injurious to health :-). And did anyone notice, I had my first cigarette on 1st of April :-).